About Susan Nove


Susan Nove is an accomplished and fully qualified naturopath, nutritionist, homeopath, herbalist and therapeutic masseuse with over twenty years of clinical experience.

Susan was trained at the N.S.W College of Natural Therapies, Sydney Australia, along with her many years of experience in private practice both in the UK and Australia she has lectured at Sydney and N.S.W Universities in 'Natural Therapies and Health Maintenance’, and more recently here in London for ‘Universal Music’, ‘Cazenove’, and London Transport’s - Dockland Light Rail, London Underground and Overland transport services providing nutritional education and advice to their employees both individually and in a tutorial setting.

Susan has written articles for Holland and Barrett's 'Healthy Magazine', the 'Company Magazine', 'The Good Life' and the popular online magazine - www.allaboutyou.com.

She has established a successful private practice in North London, Primrose Hill - where she also runs workshops in ‘Nutrition for Conception and Pregnancy’ and ‘Detoxification Programs and Packages’. Her clinic and workshops are based at London’s popular health destination: ‘Triyoga’ Primrose Hill.


'She is a Naturopath and has 20 years experience and has transformed my life. Please don’t book her on a Sunday afternoon.' Liz Jones - ES Review Health and Fitness Evening Standard.

'I have lost over a stone and have hugely increased levels of energy and confidence. Susan is the best person to help you on a journey to a more energetic yet balanced you: I absolutely recommend her.' Heather B - West London.

Personal Info



As a naturopath I believe nature has the innate ability to heal. I will help identify and treat the underlying cause be it physical and or emotional.


As a nutritionist I help individuals, industry, and education with information about food while focusing on optimising health and alleviating the symptoms of many common ailments.

Medical Herbalist

As a medical herbalist I use living things to help treat patients. I may use the whole plant, the flowers, the leaves, roots, bark, buds, stems or even the fruit.